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20 May In this blog I will explain how to embed custom OAF region into standard OAF Page.I will explain with a sample business scenario. In the standard Supplier Quick Update page I want to display the Supplier Party details in a custom region. So I want to query the hz_party table based on the supplier party id. FTP Classes. FTP All &.xml files from $JAVA_TOP/oracle to your local PC, and put them into jdev/jdevhome/myclasses. Files. From 1st step files,Also need copy necessary PROD files into source file directory: jdev\ myprojects\oracle\apps\ you want to run a WIP module page,Then you can only copy. Hi Johny, I used with below code error messages is not displaying for Apply button.

7 Jan - 27 min - Uploaded by Anil Passi apps2fusion, R12, OAF. 12 Oct OAF Directory Structure - Location of Files on Server. All the standard OAF components delivered by Oracle fall under: $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/ directory. when we create our pages, all java and xml files get created in /myprojects folder. However on compiling the project. 7 Jan Adding HTML Tab/Menu to the standard OAF page. Now we are going to learn about how to attach the HTML Tab menu to standard OAF Page. Steps to achieve this. Suppose this is your standard page. Step1: Note down the Responsibility of this page. Step2: Note down the Menu attached to this.

19 Jun Embedding Custom Region into Standard OAF Page. In this article, we shall see how to insert custom OAF region into standard page using personalization. Make sure that you enable following profile options for enabling the “Personalization” link on OAF page. 1. “Personalize Self-Service Defn” to “Yes”. 2. 14 Aug I need to do the extension on standard page not the custom page, Should I go for CO extension? and check if the parameter is Submit Button then create a dialog box, if user click yes what should I do, pass it to the super class of the CO and in cancel should I redirect to the same page? Regards, Sree. "Hi All, There is some customization on an OAF page. In a TIP one date is coming . I need to find that date. From where that date is coming. Please help me processRequest method. Before that let us know whether it is a standard OAF page or not? If so let us know the navigation so that we can help you. If it's custom page.


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