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1 Feb Two new decorative drawing tools in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional use the procedural modeling engine built into Creative Suite 4 to draw shapes. This article discusses the Deco tool and Spray Brush tool, and showcases some interesting examples of each. The Deco tool and Spray Brush. 16 Dec Using the Deco Tool. FL The Deco tool (New!) allows you to apply a kaleidoscopic drawing effect to the Stage or a selected object on the Stage. You can apply several effects: Vine, Grid, or Symmetry. The Vine effect fills the Stage, symbol, object, or closed area with a vine pattern. By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee. The Deco tool in Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 features 13 distinctive modes you can use to create interesting textures, patterns, and symmetrical drawings from symbols in your Flash CS5 library or from preset patterns. In the following steps, we show you how to.

The Deco Tool in Adobe Flash CS6 also has a Symmetry Brush, which lets you draw cool symmetrical artwork with symbols. Follow these steps to use the Symmetry Brush: Click the New Layer button to insert a new layer on the timeline. If the Deco tool isn't active, select it from the Tools panel. In the Property inspector . 17 May In this tutorial we'll use the new features of Flash CS5's Deco tool to create an animated cartoon backdrop. Adobe Flash in Creative Suite 5 has been furnished with some great updates and enhancements. Adobe Flash CS5 includes brand new features for both designers and developers such as the new. 6 Feb Learn how to work with the Deco Tool in Adobe Flash CS5. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular Flash-development platform or a seasoned web developer looking to better acquaint yourself with the new features and functions of the latest iteration of the application, you're sure to benefit from this free.

The “Deco” tool is new in “Flash” CS4 so, those of you who work with the “CS3” version, can skip this topic. With the “Deco” tool, we can apply an effect to a selected object on the “Stage”. You choose the securities in “Properties window” after you have selected the “Deco” tool. The “Deco” tool works with symbols, so you.


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